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.com For The Win

You need to have a .com TLD (Top-Level Domain).  The .com TLD is the most recognized option around the world.  When you register your domain name for your new website, do yourself a favor and try to find something that ends with .com.   You will look and feel more professional, established, and in demand. There are many other options, like .org, .net, .co, and more.  If you are not able to find a suitable .com, then you will have to explore the other option.  Just make sure that it makes sense: don’t do .tv if you don’t have video content, don’t do .org if you are not an organization.  Your domain TLD is very important.  To find the perfect domain for your website, I recommend the domain name registry that I use for all of my domain names,


The Shorter The Better

A short domain name is the best because it can be shared easily and it doesn’t take too much time to type out.  As you search for the .com domain name for your website, you might be tempted to go long to get something that ends with .com.  This is a temptation that should be avoided.  A shorter .co or .online is better than a long .com.  You can use domain name generator websites to help you brainstorm ideas like, and


Readable, Speakable, and Brandable

You want people talking about your website.  They will talk about it and write about it.  Make sure your domain name is something that looks good in print and is easily spoken.  This means no double letters, hyphens, and numbers.  Your domain name should be connected to your brand as well.  It needs to make sense with your whole marketing plan. 

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