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I used them both and here’s what I thought.  I hope this helps you decide.

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I saw this ad on Facebook from a digital marketer talking about how he uses LeadCarrot and SendGrid to close 4 or 5 sales a month using cold email.  That caught my attention.  I thought it would be great for my business model to do something similar.  I immediately Googled LeadCarrot and research Cold Email to see what that really was, because I had never heard of it.

I purchased the monthly plan, $47 and got started.  Of course, I had watched several of their videos showing how to use their software.  I only wanted good email addresses and maybe good address information.  Here are my initial thoughts:

Cloud Based
Quick Searches
Includes CRM
Monthly Subscription ($47/month)

Limited Results
Limited Email Address Returns
Limited Address
No Free Trial
No Refund
Only One City Search at a Time

After using their software, I had mixed feelings.  I was glad it was month to month billing and I could cancel, but I wanted to love it.  I wanted it to be all I thought it could be.  It just wasn’t.  I still loved the concept of 4 to 5 closes through cold email, so I tried a competitor,

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So after trying out and not having it live up to my dreams, I was a little hesitant to try out, mostly because of the price, $247/year.  They have a $97/year plan as well, but I wanted to get the full power of this thing.  My hesitation was subsided as I saw they had a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  So I bought the software.  I say software because it is downloadable software you put on your device.  It works on Mac and Windows.  So it started off already not feeling as “cool” because it wasn’t cloud based, but I was concerned with results and not cool factor.

It is much slower than the Carrot, but again, I am looking for results.  I started it up and had dinner.  After dinner the results were in.  To give you an idea of the results, I searched on both platforms for Plumbers in the largest 10 cities in Kentucky.  Before I give you the results, let me give my intial thoughts of the software:

Free Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Multiple Cities in One Search
More Emails
More Addresses

Not Cloud Based
Slow Searches
Only Annual Subscriptions


The Search Results

Alright, as I mentioned, I search for Plumbers in the 10 largest cities in Kentucky on both platforms.  Here are the results in the areas I most cared about.
Plumbers, 10 Largest Cities in Kentucky

Total Leads: 298
Total Emails: 10
Plumbers, 10 Largest Cities in Kentucky

Total Leads: 1,399
Total Emails: 537

The Clear Winner:

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